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Grave of a President of an Association of Scribes (50-25 BCE) Rome - Latium

Rome (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), 50-25 BCE
S. Panciera, "P.Pompeius Pylades scriba et magister conlegi scribarum," in Epigrafia. Actes du colloque en mémoire de Attilio Degrassi (Rome, 1991), 273-278, no. 37 = AE (1991), no. 114 = AGRW ID# 24527


Slab. Now in in Rome, Museo Nazionale Romano, Terme di Diocleziano (inv. 126294). P. Pompeius Pylades was head of the association of copyist-scribes (conlegium scribae librarii). Scribes were apparitores (assistants) who were attached to certain magistracies and formed associations along these lines (tribunicii, quaestori). The scribae librarii can be regarded as junior scribes who held a higher status than the ordinary librarii or copyists.

Publius Pompeius Pylades, freedman of Publius, scribe of the tribune of the plebs and president (magister) of the association (conlegium) of scribes for five years. Pompeius Sabinus, son of Publius, his son. Pompeia, his wife.

Translation by: Birgit van der Lans

P(ublius) Pompeius P(ublii) l(ibertus) Pylades | scr(iba) libr(arius) tribun(icius) et mag(ister) conl(egi) | scr(ibarum) libr(ariorum) quinquennalis | [-] Pompeius P(ublii) f(ilius) Sabinus f(ilius) || Pompeia uxor

Rome Epitaph of a president of the association of scribes (photo: Van der Lans)

Epitaph of a president of the association of scribes, from Rome (photo: Van der Lans)

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