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Grave of a Hymn-singer with Fines Payable to the Linen-weavers (II-III CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II-III CE
IEph 2446 = PHI 249927 = AGRW ID# 10165
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1465


Coffin (sarcophagus) of blue limestone (130 x 290 x 135 cm; letter height: 2.5 cm).

(1 – in the centre in the middle of a circular decoration)

. . . and . . . and his wife Pauleina.

(2 – along the bottom edge)

The grave – together with the surrounding area, the upper portion of the tomb and the surrounding consecrated property –  . . . belongs to Name (?), member of the elders’ organization (gerousiastēs), hymn-singer (hymnōdos), overseer of the torch-races, his wife, Aurelia Kyrille, and their children.  No one else is permitted to be buried in it.  Anyone who does so will pay 1000 denarii to the guild (synergasia) of linen-weavers (linyphoi), to whom he dedicated 5000 denarii (i.e. likely as a foundation to care for the grave).  They live.

Translation by: Harland

[—]ου καὶ [—]ου | [κ]αὶ γυνη|κὸς αὐτοῦ | Παυλείνας.

ἡ σορός ἐστιν σὺν ᾧ ἐπίκειται καὶ τῷ πρὸ τῆς σοροῦ ἀνωτέρῳ ἡρωαφίῳ καὶ τῷ κυκλόσε ἀνετῷ τόπῳ παντὶ καὶ τ[․․․․․․c.16․․․․․․]ου γερουσια|στοῦ ὑμνωδοῦ λαμπαδάρχου καὶ γυναικὸς αὐτοῦ Αὐρ(ηλίας) Κυρίλλης καὶ τέκνων· ἐν οἷς οὐδενὶ ἐξέσται ταφῆναι, ἐπεὶ δώσει τῇ συνεργασίᾳ | τῶν λινύφων 𐆖 {denarius symbol} μύ(ρια)· οἷς καὶ καθιέρωσεν 𐆖 {denarius symbol} ͵ε· | ζῶσιν.

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