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Grave of Gladiators Owned by Tryphonianus and Lailia (undated) Mytilene on Lesbos - Northern islands

Mytilene on Lesbos (Northern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), undated
IG XII,2 447 = IGladiateurs 273 = CIG 2194b = PHI 75125 = AGRW ID# 12101


Grave of the family (phamilia = familia) of single-combatants of Marcus Claudius Tryphonianus the younger and of the high-priestess Orphia Lailia, daughter of Sotias, his wife.

Translation by: Harland

φαμιλία μονο|μάχων [Μ]άρ(κου) | Κλαυ(δίου) Τρυφω|νιανοῦ νέου || καὶ ἀρχιερείας | Ὀρφίας Λαιλίας | Σωτίου γυν|αικὸς αὐτοῦ.

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