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Grave of a Boy Prepared by Fellow-Initiates (250-300 CE) Apameia Myrleia area [Pylai] - Bithynia

Apameia Myrleia area [Pylai] (Bithynia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 250-300 CE
AGRW 96 = GRA 100 = IApamBith 103 = PHI 277623 = AGRW ID# 56
Copenhagen Inventory info: 554


Grave stone slab with a relief of a funerary meal with a seated woman to the left and two men reclining. Found built into a house in Yalova.

The young boy Dion, friend of Abarsakos (village [?]), was snatched by Fate (moira), having lived 15 years.  Also for his father Dion, having lived 45 years.  The Abarsakenian fellow–initiates (synmystai) set this up for the sake of remembrance.

Translation by: Harland

παῖδα νέον Δίωνα φιλα|βάρσακον ἥρπασε Μοῖρα ζ[ή]|σαντα ἔτη ιεʹ καὶ τῷ πατρὶ Δί|ωνι ζήσαντι ἔτη μεʹ οἱ συν||μύσται Ἀβαρσακηνοὶ μνή|μης χάριν.

IApamBith 103. © 1987 Thomas Corsten. Reproduced with permission.

IApamBith 103.

© 1987 Thomas Corsten. Reproduced with permission.

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