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Grave (frag.) with Fines Payable to a Synagogue of Judeans (undated) Nikomedia - Bithynia

Nikomedia (Bithynia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
IJO II 157 = Louis Robert, "Épitaphes juives d’Éphèse et de Nicomédie," Hellenica 11–12 (1960), 381-413, at 391-392 = TAM IV 377 = CIJ 799 = PHI 279200 = AGRW ID# 13319


Found just before 1905. Only the fines for violation of the grave remain for this fragmentary epitaph.

. . . and no one else is permitted to be buried  in it.  Now if anyone (?) . . . dares to do so, that person will pay a fine of 1000 denarii to the synagogue (synagōgē) of the Judeans and 2000 denarii to the treasury.  Farewell!

Translation by: Harland

[μηδένα ἕτερον κατατ]εθῆν[αι· ἐὰν] | [δέ τι]ς τολμήσῃ, δ[ώ]|σει προστείμ[ου] | τῇ συναγωγῇ τῶν || Ἰουδέων (δην.) ͵α καὶ | τῷ ταμίῳ (δην.) ͵β. χαίρετε.

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