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Grave (frag.) with Fines Payable to a Guild of Meat-dealers (undated) Perinthos-Herakleia - Thrace

Perinthos-Herakleia (Thrace, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map),
IPerinthos 117 = SEG 48 (1998), no. 939 = PHI 167328 = AGRW ID# 14165
Copenhagen Inventory info: 532


Piece of a coffin (sarcophagus) of marble (43-60 x 110-113 x 12 cm). This fragmentary inscription designates "the guild (technē) of meat-dealers (macellarii)" as recipient of potential fines (2500 denarii) for violation of the grave.

Too fragmentary to translate.

Translation by: Harland

[εἰ δέ τις τολμήσει ἕτερον βαλεῖν πτ]ῶμα {[κατα]θ̣έσθα̣[ι] π̣τ̣ῶμα (photo)}, δώσει προσ|[τίμου τῷ φίσκῳ(?) 𐆖 {denarius symbol} ͵βφʹ καὶ τ]ῇ τέχνῃ τῶν μακελλαρίων 𐆖 {denarius symbol} ͵βφʹ. | [χαῖρε π]αροδεῖτα.

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