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Grave (frag.) Prepared by a Synod (200-250 CE) Pantikapaion - Bosporan region

Pantikapaion (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), 200-250 CE
IBosp 105 = IPontEux IV 207 + addenda, p. 294 = PHI 182822 = AGRW ID# 7714
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1296


Slab of limestone (96-104 x 50 x 15 cm; letter height 3 cm). Found at Kerch in 1900, now lost.

To good fortune.  The synod (synodos) gathered around Valerius son of Neikostratos the priest, Kallistos II the father (patēr), Methakos son of Tryphon the synagogue-leader (synagōgos), and Teimotheos son of Pappos the goodness-loving official (philagathos) and . . .

Translation by: Harland

[ἀ]γαθῇ [τύ]χῃ. | τοῖς περὶ σύνο|δον καὶ ἱερέ{α}ν Οὐ|αλέριν Νεικοστρ[ά]||του καὶ πατέραν | Κά{λ}λιστον βʹ κ[αὶ] | συναγωγὸν Μή|θακον [Τρύ]φ[ω]|νος καὶ φιλάγα||θον Τειμόθε|ον Πάππου καὶ | [— — —].

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