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Grave Epigram of Damas Cursing Fellow-workers (I BCE-I CE) Kos - Southeastern islands

Kos (Southeastern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), I BCE - I CE
IKosS EF 757 = IKosPH 324 = PHI 318413 = AGRW ID# 11310


Quadrangular funerary altar of white marble (74 x 36 x 33 cm; letter height: 1.2-1.8 cm). It seems that the family of the deceased had expected Damas' occupational association to take care of the burial, but for some reason his fellow-workers had failed to do so. For similar disputes over failure of an association to bury a member, see AGRW 292-293 = PEnteux 20-21. The epigram seems to draw on an epigram found in the Greek Anthology (2.7.516): "As to those who killed me, may they encounter the same fate, Zeus Xenios, but may those who have placed me under the earth enjoy life" (οἱ μὲν ἐμὲ κτείναντες ὁμοίων ἀντιτύχοιεν, Ζεῦ Ξένι᾽, οἱ δ᾽ ὑπὸ γᾶν θέντες ὄναιντο βίου).

Farewell, good Damas!

May my fellow-workers (homotechnoi) who took no notice of me encounter the same fate from you, father (i.e. the god), but may those who placed me under the earth enjoy life.

Translation by: Harland and Kloppenborg

Δάμα | χρηστὲ | χαῖρε· | οἱ μὲ ὑπεριδόντες || ὁμότεχνοι τῶν αὐτῶν | σεῦ, πάτερ, ἀντιτύχοισαν {ἁντιτύχοιεν}, | οἱ δ’ ὑπὸ γῆν θέντες | ὄναιντο βίου.

IKosPH 324: Facsimile.
Public domain.


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