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Regulation for the Procurator Concerning Synods (after 149 CE) Theadelphia - Fayum region

Theadelphia (Fayum region, Egypt — Pleiades map), after 149 CE
GRA III 234 = BGU V 1210 = TM 9472 = AGRW ID# 31449


Papyrus now at the Ägyptisches Museum in Berlin (P. 11650). This is one item in the so-called "Rules of the Private Account" (Gnomon of the Idios Logos), which is a compilation of laws for use by the Roman procurator with respect to Egypt as the "private estate" of the emperor. Although this particular regulation seems to forbid the formation of associations (synods), the exact nature of its aim or implementation remains unclear and many associations continued to exist in Egypt without any apparent legal recognition or permission throughout the Roman imperial era.

§108, line 240:

Those who form a synod (synodos) are condemned to a fine of 500 drachmas, though sometimes only the presidents (prostatai) are fined.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

<§108, line 240>

ο[ἱ σύ]νοδον νέμοντες κατεκ̣[ρίθ]η̣σ̣[α]ν̣ ἐκ (δραχμῶν) φ, ἐνίοτε̣ μ̣ό̣ν[οι] ο̣ἱ̣ [π]ρ̣ο̣[σ]τάται.

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