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Funerary Honors by Attalists, Initiates, and Other Groups (ca. 150 BCE) Teos - Ionia

Teos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 150 BCE
Amédée Hauvette-Besnault and Edmond Pottier, "Inscriptions d’Érythrées et de Téos," BCH 4 (1880) 153-182, at 164-167 (no. 21) = Boulay 2013, 269 (no. 12) = PHI 256632 = AGRW ID# 12808
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1676


Rectangular block of blue marble found in an ancient cemetery northeast of the village of Seghedjik (145 x 26 x 32 cm).

(Five crowns with only a trace of letters)

(In nine crowns:)

The fellow-leaders (synarchontes) who are with Metrodoros son of Metrodoros.

The society (thiasos) of Simalion.

The sacrificing associates (orgeōnes) with Athenodotos son of Metrodoros.

Those who work alongside the civic president (paraprytaneis) with Metrodoros son of Onesimos.

The Samothraciasts (Samothrakiastai) with Athenodotos son of Metrodoros.

The initiates (mystai) with Athenodotos son of Metrodoros.

The Attalos-devotees (Attalistai) with Kraton son of Zotikos.

Those together with …

Those together with …

Translation by: Harland

(Five crowns with only a trace of letters)

(In a crown:) οἱ συνǀάρχοντες ǀ οἱ σὺν Μηǀτροδώρωι ǀǀ Μητροδώǀρου.

(In a crown:) ὁ θίαǀσος ὁ ǀ [Σι]μαλ[ί]ǀ[ων]ος.

(In a crown:) ὀρ̣γ̣ǀ[ε]ῶνες ǀ οἱ σὺν Ἀǀθηνοδόǀǀτωι Μηǀτροδώǀρου.

(In a crown:) παραπρυτάνεις ǀ vac. ǀ οἱ σὺν ǀ Μητροǀǀδώρωι Ὀνησίμου ǀ τοῦ Ἀναǀξιβίου.

(In a crown:) Σαμοǀθρακιαǀσταὶ οἱ σὺν ǀ Ἀθηνοδόǀǀτωι Μηǀτροδώǀρου.

(In a crown:) μύσται ǀ οἱ σὺν Ἀǀθηνοδότωι ǀ Μητροδώǀǀρου.

(In a crown:) Ἀτταǀλισταὶ ǀ οἱ σὺν Κράǀτωνι Ζωτίǀǀχου.

(In a crown:) οἱ ǀ σὺν ǀ [— — —] ǀ [— — —] ǀǀ [— — —]

(In a crown:) οἱ σὺν ǀ [— — —] ǀ [— — —] ǀ [— — —]

Facsimile from Hauvette-Besnault and Pottier.
Public domain.

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