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Grave (frag.) Prepared by Panathenaists and Dionysiasts (undated) Teos - Ionia

Teos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
CIG 3073 = Boulay 2013, 258 (no. 6) = Jaccottet 2003, vol. 2, no. 132 = PHI 256521 = AGRW ID# 12829
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1673


Slab found reused in a house in Seferihisar.

(in a crown) The association (koinon) of celebrators of the Panathena festival.

(in a crown) The association (koinon) of devotees of Dionysos (Dionysiastai).

(remainder is lost)


Translation by: Harland

{in a crown:}

τὸ κοινὸν | τῶν Πανα|θηναϊστῶν.

{in a crown:}

τὸ κοι|νὸν τῶν | Διονυσι|αστῶν.

{remainder lost}

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