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Fragment Mentioning Demetriasts and Initiates of Dionysos Phleos (177-192 CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 177-192 CE
IEph 1595 = GIBM III 595 = PHI 248386 = AGRW ID# 8345
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1611


Fragment of a column found in the village of Ayasoluk. Priests of Dionysos Phleos are mentioned in IEph 1270 (on this site) and in IEph 902, where there is reference to a priest of Dionysos Phleus Poimantrios. Also see IPriene 174, lines 1 and 3 and IEurythrai 207, line 61. The precise meaning of the epithet Phleos (or Phleus) is unknown, but Plutarch claims it relates to succulence or ripeness (Plutarch, Table Talk 5.683F). Considering the importance of reeds (e.g. thrysoi) in the worship of Dionysos, it is also possible that the epithet has something to do with φλέως, a flowering reed. Terentia Aeliane is also mentioned in IEph 47 (line 19) and in 720a, which indicate that she was a civic president (prytanis) and daughter of Terentius Flavianus, secretary of the Council and People.

(missing lines) . . . of Terentia Aeliane, when Titus Aurelius Plutarchos was priest for life of the Demetriasts (Dēmētriastai) and the initiates (mystai) of Dionysos Phleos, Publius Claudius Aristophanes was revealer of the sacred objects (hierophantēs), Saturnilus II, who is also called Oneson, was superintendent (epimelētēs) of the mysteries (mystēria) . . .

Translation by: Harland

[․ . ․]ς̣ Τ̣ε̣ρ̣ε̣ν̣[τ]ί̣α̣ς̣ Α̣ἰλι|ανῆς· ἱερατεύοντος | διὰ βίου τῶν πρὸ πόλε|ως Δημητριαστῶν || καὶ Διονύσου Φλέω μυ|στῶν Τί(του) Αὐρηλίου | Πλουτάρχου, ἱεροφαν|[τ]οῦντος Πο(πλίου) Κλαυδίου | [Ἀ]ριστοφάνους, ἐπιμε||[λ]ητοῦ δὲ τῶν μυστη|[ρί]ων Σατορνείλου | [δὶ]ς τοῦ Ὀνήσωνος.

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