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Grave with Fine Payable to the Coppersmiths (II CE) Alexandreia Troas - Mysia and the Troad

Alexandreia Troas (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II CE
IAlexTroas 122 = IIlion 171 = PHI 287599 = AGRW ID# 5824
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1151


Coffin (sarcophagus) of granite decorated with garlands (75 x 205 x 79 cm). From either Alexandria Troas or Ilion.

(missing line(s)). . . for my wife Maxima and my children.  Now if anyone throws another body into it, that one will pay a fine of 1500 denarii to the association (symbiōsis) of coppersmiths (chalkeis).

Translation by: Harland

[- - -] | τ]ῇ γυναικί μου Μαξίμᾳ καὶ τέκνοι̣[ς] μου· [ἐὰν δέ τις ἕτε]ρ̣ον | πτῶμα ἐπεισβάλῃ, δώσει τῇ συμβ̣ιώσει [τ]ῶν χαλκέων προστεί|μου δη(νάρια.) * ͵αφʹ.

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