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Family Grave with Posthumous Honors by Roman Businessmen (I CE) Assos - Mysia and the Troad

Assos (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), probably I CE
IAssos 14 = IMT 610 = PHI 288091 = AGRW ID# 1415


Slab of marble (broken in many pieces) from above the tomb of Hellanikos.

(IV Across the top of the main inscriptions, on the left) . . . llo . . .  Auge daughter of Hellanikos, still living, made the memorial for myself and for my parents.

(III Across the top, on the right)  Priestess and temple-warden of Athena Polias.

(I) The People and the Romans engaged in business alongside us crowned the deceased benefactor of the city, Hellanikos son of Athenodotos, who has been a good man during his citizenship, has served as king (i.e. the eponymous sacred official of the city), and has lived in a decent and good manner.  They did so on account of every virtue.

(II) The People and the Romans engaged in business alongside us crowned Lollia Arlegilla, who has lived in a good and decent manner, blameless in every respect.  They did so on account of every virtue and her moderation.

Translation by: Harland

(IV, running across the top on the left) [.]λ̣λω[.] Ἑ̣λ̣λανίκου Αὔγη ζῶσα ἐποίησα τὸ μνημῖον ἡαυτῇ | καὶ τοῖς γονεοῦσι.

(III, running across the top on the right) τὴν τῆς Πολιάδος Ἀθηνᾶς | ἱέρειαν καὶ νεωκόρον.

(I, left column) ὁ δῆμος καὶ | [ο]ἱ̣ [πρα]γματ̣[ευόμ]ενοι παρ’ ἡμῖν | Ῥ̣ω̣μαῖοι στεφανοῦσιν τὸν | τῆς πόλεως ἥρωα εὐεργέτην || Ἑλλάνικον Ἀθηνοδότου ἄν|δ[ρ]α ἀγαθὸν γενόμενον κατὰ | τ[ὴ]ν πολειτίαν καὶ βασιλεύ|σαντα ἐζηκότα τε καλῶς | κ̣α̣ὶ κοσμίως πάσ[η]ς̣ ἀρετῆς || ἕνεκεν.

(II, right column) ὁ δῆμος καὶ | οἱ πραγματε̣υ̣όμεν[οι] | παρ’ ἡμῖν Ῥωμαῖοι στ[ε]|φανοῦσιν Λ̣ολλίαν [Ἀ]||ρληγίλλαν ἐζηκυῖαν | καλῶς καὶ κοσμίως | πρὸς πάν̣[τ]α̣ς ἀμέμ[πτως] | πάσ[ης ἀρε]τῆς ἕνεκεν | κ̣[αὶ σωφρο]σύνης.

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