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Donation of a Table to a Christian Association Founded by Chrysampelos (300-450 CE) Laodikeia area [Attouda] - Phrygia

Laodikeia area [Attouda] (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 300-450 CE
MAMA VI 84 = IHierapMuseum 200 = IAttoudaMcCabe 26 = SEG 45 (1995), no. 1807 = PHI 257917 = AGRW ID# 18734


Large table of marble (81 x 48.5 x 8 cm). Since Chrysampelos (literally "Golden-grapevine") is a personal name, this association may be named after its founder. The inscription is likely Christian due to the presence of crosses. Miranda translates ἀκκούβιτος as "dining room". The word more regularly denotes a couch or the act of reclining. See also the "accubitorium" in CIL VIII 9586, which Buckler and Calder (MAMA VI) might have had in mind when they published lines 2-3 as Χρυ<σ>ανπελιτῶν ἀκοβιτίω. Attouda was located about 45 km west of Laodikeia (on the Lykos river).

☩ Eutychianos donates the table to the dining hall of the Chrysanpelitans (Chrysanpelitai). ☩

Translation by: Richard Last

☩ χαρίζετε τραπέζιν Εὐτυχιανὸς | Χρυσανπελιτῶν ἀκ|ουβίττῳ. ☩

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