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Donation for an Association of Flute Players and Lyre Players (102 CE) Rome - Latium

Rome (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), 102 CE (1 March)
CIL VI 2191 = ILS 4965 = AGRW ID# 24482


Base of marble. Now in Rome, Musei Capitolini, NCE 1499. Flutists and other musicians played an important role in state sacrifices and games. Several inscriptions from the city of Rome refer to an association of flutists under various names (CIL VI 240, 1054, 2192-2193, 3877a). The combined collegium of flute players and lyre players only appears in this inscription. Ti. Iulius Tyrannus dedicated the base in 102 CE, possibly when he obtained the title immunis perpetuus, which exempted him from membership fees.

Gift for the association of Roman flute players and lyre players who perform at public religious ceremonies. Tiberius Iulius Tyrannus, exempt for life, and Tiberius Iulius Tyrannis his son, gave this as a gift for the sake of honour. This was set up on the Calends of Mars during the consulship of (Lucius Julius) Ursus Servianus, consul for the second time, and Lucius Fabius Justus.

Translation by: Birgit van der Lans

Collegio tibicinum | et fidicinum Romanorum | qui s(acris) p(ublicis) p(raesto) s(unt) | Ti(berius) Iulius Tyrannus || [i]mmunis perpetuus et | [Ti(berius) I]ulius Tyrannus f(ilius) | [3] h(onoris) c(ausa) d(ono) d(ederunt) | dedicatum K(alendis) Mart(iis) | [U]rso Serviano II L(ucio) Fabio Iust(o) co(n)s(ulibus)

Donation to an association of flute-players and lyre-players, from Rome (photo: Van der Lans).

Donation to an association of flute-players and lyre-players, from Rome (photo: Van der Lans).

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