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Donation by an Imperial Slave for an Association of Wine Traders (102 CE) Rome - Latium

Rome (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), 102 CE
CIL VI 8826 = ILS 7276 = AGRW ID# 24509


Slab of marble found near the Villa Farnesina on the Tiber bank, where many storage facilities were located. The dedication comes from Trajan’s slave Cinnamus who was administrator (dispensator) out of thanks for exempting him from fees.

This is a gift for the association (collegium) of traders (negotiatores) of the imperial wine cellars Nova et Arruntiana devoted to Liber Pater and Mercury.  Cinnamus, house-born slave of Emperor Nerva Caesar Trajan Augustus Germanicus, manager (dispensator), because of the exemption, gave this as gift in the first year under the charge of Tiberius Claudius Zosimus and Sextus Caelius Agathemerus, during the consulship of Licinius Sura – consul for the second time – and Servianus – consul for the second time.

Translation by: Birgit van der Lans

Collegio Liberi Patris et Mercuri | negotiantium cellarum vina|riarum Novae et Arrunti|anae Caesaris n(ostri) || Cinnamus Imp(eratoris) Nervae Caesaris | Traiani Aug(usti) Germ(anicus) servos ver|na dispensator ob immunitat(em)| d(ono) d(edit) cura(m) agentibus ann(o) prio(re) | Ti(berio) Claudio Zosimo et Sex(to) Caelio || Agathemero Licinio Sura II Serviano II co(n)s(ulibus)

Rome Dedication association of wine traders (photo: Van der Lans)

Donation for an association of wine traders, from Rome (photo: Van der Lans)

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