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Dedication to Zeus Dionysos by Lykomedes for His Own Initiates (undated) Bizye - Thrace

Bizye (Thrace, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), undated
IGBulg 1865 = PHI 169972 = AGRW ID# 13950
Copenhagen Inventory info: 684


Altar of marble (70 x 68 x 64 cm).

I, Lykomedes son of Chrestos, priest of the great Bacchic temple (Baccheion), have dedicated this altar to god Zeus, who is Dionysos, for my children, for honor–which he came to possess–and for my own initiates (mystai), whom blessed Dionysos saves.

Translation by: Harland

β̣ωμὸν τ̣όνδ’ ἀνέ|θηκα θεῷ Διὶ τῷ Δ[ι]|ονύσῳ | Λυκομήδης | Χρήστου ἱερεὺς βακ||χείου μεγάλοιο | ὑπὲρ ἐμῶν παίδων | καὶ τειμῆς, ἧς λάχον | αὐτός, | καὶ μυστῶν ἰ|δίων, οὓς σῶζε, μάκαρ || Διόνυσε.

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