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Dedication to Zeus of Amman by an Association (ca. 150-100 BCE) Gerasa - Decapolis

Gerasa (Decapolis, Greater Syria and the East), 150-100 BCE
P.-L. Gatier and J. Seigne, "Le hammana de Zeus à Gérasa," Electrum 11 (2006) 171-189 = SEG 56 (2006), no. 1920 = AGRW ID# 22806
Copenhagen Inventory info: 591


Block with an inscription in a recessed field on one side and architectural decoration in relief (acanthus leaf decoration, a vine, and a bird) on the other. This was likely a building dedication inscription. This stone with our inscription was reused (in the temple of Zeus Olympios dedicated by Theon around 69/70 CE [IGerasa 5-6]) from an earlier dedication of the Hellenistic era (before 60 BCE and probably 150-100 BCE). There are traces of red paint in some letters. Found in 1992 on the lower terrace of the temple of Zeus.

Those of the association (hetaireia) of Zeus of Amman (= Ammanitis = Ammon) dedicated this when Bellaios (?) son of Spasines was commander (eparchos; perhaps a Seleukid satrap).

Translation by: Harland

[ο]ἱ τῆς τοῦ Διὸς | [τ]οῦ αμμανα ἑτ|[αι]ρείας, ἐπάρχοντος | [Βε?]λλαίου τοῦ Σπασίνου

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