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Dedication to Zeus Bennios for a Guild of Gardeners (I-II CE) Aizanoi - Phrygia

Aizanoi (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), I-II CE
MAMA IX 49 = Thomas Drew-Bear and Christian Naour, “Divinités De Phrygie,” ANRW II.18.3 (1990) 1983-1987 (no. 18) = SEG 40 (1990), no. 1187 = PHI 270394 = AGRW ID# 5459
Copenhagen Inventory info: 456


Column of white marble with encircling wreaths (13.5 x 56 cm in diameter). Zeus Bennios, who is particularly attested in north Phrygia, was likely a fertility and weather god (see notes to MAMA IX 49). The gardeners are likely devoted to the goddess Mother Steunene and/or they took care of her gardens. A cave near Aizanoi was known as Steunos (Pausanias 8.4.3; see the introduction of MAMA IX, pp. xxxiii-iv).

Neikophanes and Agathenor Menitos dedicated this to Zeus Bennios on behalf of the guild (homotechnia) of gardeners (kēpouroi) of Steumene (i.e. likely the goddess Meter Steumene).

Translation by: Harland

Διὶ Βεννίῳ | ὑπὲρ τῆς ὁμοτε|χνίας τῶν κηπουρῶν | Στευνηνῶν Νεικοφάνης || καὶ Ἀγαθήνωρ Μήνιτος | ἀνέθηκαν.

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