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Dedication to Trajan by a Synod (97-102 CE) Ephesos - Ionia

Ephesos (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 97-102 CE
IEph 1122 = PHI 248470 = AGRW ID# 8261


Base of white marble (170 x 45 x 34 cm), found near the west entry to the theater.

This was dedicated to emperor Nerva Trajan Caesar Augustus Germanicus on the fourth of the celebrations of the Augustan Balbilleian competitions, when Flavius Apellas (name erased) was contest-director, Lucius Cosinius Gaianus was secretary of the synod (synodos), and Marcus Heios of the Quirina tribe was leader (archon) . . . (twelve erased lines)

Translation by: Harland

[Α]ὐ̣τ̣[ο]κ̣ρ̣ά̣[τορ]ι | Νέρουᾳ Τραιανῷ Καί|σαρι Σεβαστῷ Γερμ[α]|νικῷ τὸ δʹ ἀγομένω[ν] || ἀγώνων Σεβαστῶν | Βαλβιλλήων | [[ἀγωνοθετοῦντος τὸ —ʹ]] | [[Φλαουίου Ἀπελλᾶ]] γραμματε[ύ]|οντος τῆς συνόδου || Λ(ουκίου) Κοσινίου Γαιανοῦ, [ἄρ]χον|[τ]ος δὲ Μ(άρκου) Εἵου Κυρείν[α [[— — —]] | {twelve erased lines}

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