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Dedication of an Altar to Zeus Dionysos by Koroseanian Initiates (undated) Dorylaion area [Koroseanos] - Phrygia

Dorylaion area [Koroseanos] (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
C.H. Emilie Haspels, The Highlands of Phrygia: Sites and Monuments (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1971) 354 (no. 144) = Thomas Drew-Bear, Nouvelles inscriptions de Phrygie (Zutphen, Holland: Terra Publishing, 1978) 34 = PHI 271604 = AGRW ID# 6563
Copenhagen Inventory info: 470


Altar of veined marble (130 x 40-47 x 34-40 cm) found in the courtyard of a house in Avdan. Koreseanos is likely a village. A relief at the top of the front face depicts a goat's head with a bunch of grapes on either side and a relief on the back depicts a bust. Two snakes rap around the altar and bite the bunches of grapes on the front. The inscription is found beneath the main relief on the front, which depicts two figures. The figure on the right has goat's horns and bunches of grapes on its head, holding an object in the right hand and a tree trunk in the left hand. The figure on the left has a bunch of grapes in the right hand and the left hand extends towards a tree, where there is a small man and a snake coiling around the tree. The right side depicts two figures facing a tree, with the first figure holding a small man in the right hand and a snake in the left hand. The second figure carries a staff. The back of the altar depicts a vessel for wine (krater) and a goat eating a leaf.

The Koresanian initiates (mystai), new-bacchic devotees (neobakchoi), dedicated this as a vow to Zeus Dionysos for themselves and for the village.

Translation by: Harland

μύσται Κοροσε|ανοὶ νεόβαχχοι | ὑπὲρ ἑαυτῶν κὲ κώμ|ης Διὶ Διονύσῳ εὐχ||ήν.

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