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Dedication to the Eleusinian Gods by an Initiate (undated) Stratonikeia - Caria

Stratonikeia (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
IStratonikeia 147 = PHI 261766 = AGRW ID# 12754


Slab with decorative moulding found in the area of the temple of Zeus Panamaros. Herakleitos may have been an initiate in the mysteries at Eleusis (near Athens), in which case no association may be involved here. However, it is also possible that he was a member of an ongoing association of initiates at Stratonikeia. Although no association of Demeter-devotees is yet known at this locale, Dionysiac initiates are attested in IStratonikeia 527 and 672. Herakleitos also made a dedication to Zeus Panamaros and Hera (see IStratonikeia 148). The descriptor "son of the city (polis)" was used in reference to younger benefactors (with "father" or "mother" of the city used for less young benefactors). See Harland 2009, 86-92.

Herakleitos son of Herakleitos and grandson of Leon, friend of Caesar and friend of the homeland, son of the city (polis), the initiate (mystēs), dedicated this to the Eleusinian goddesses as a thanksgiving.

Translation by: Harland

Θεαῖς Ἐλευ|σεινίαις Ἡρά|κλειτος Ἡρα|κλείτου τοῦ || Λέοντος, φι|λόκαισαρ κα[ὶ] | φιλόπατρις, | υἱὸς τῆς πόλε|ως, ὁ μύστης, ||χαριστήριον | ἀνέθηκεν.

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