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Dedication to Mother Leto by the Lovers of the Vine (161/162 CE) Philadelphia area [Hayallı] - Lydia

Philadelphia area [Hayallı] (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 161/162 CE
= H. Malay, "Φιλάνπελοι in Phrygia and Lydia," EA 38 (2005) 42-44 (link) = AGRW ID# 6423


Slab (stele) of marble in five joining pieces with triangular pediment (decorated with a rosette and ivy leaves) and acroteria (71 x 55.5 x 7 cm). Probably found in the modern village of Hayallı about 20 km north of Philadelphia, now in the Manisa museum. For another group of "lovers of the vine", see the inscription from the Dorylaion area of Phrygia (village of Yaylababa Köyu).

To good fortune!  In the year 192 of the Actian era on the fourth of the month of Peritios, the young lovers of the vine (neoi philanpeloi) dedicated this as a vow to Mother Leto for the sake of their own salvation.

Translation by: Harland

Ἀγαθῇ Τύχηι· (leaf) (wreath) ǀ ἔτους ρqβʹ, μη(νὸς) Περιτίου δʹ· ǀ νέοι φιλά̣ν̣πελοι ὑπὲρ ǀ τῆς ἑ̣αυτῶ̣ν σωτηρίας ǀǀ Μητ̣ρὶ Λητῶ̣ εὐχὴν (leaf) ǀ (leaf) ἀνέθ̣[η]κ̣αν. (leaf)

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