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Dedication to Herakles by Italian Devotees of Mercury, Apollo and Neptune (113 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 113 BCE
IDelos 1753 = PHI 64193 = AGRW ID# 7347
Copenhagen Inventory info: 889


Large base of white marble (50 x 115 x 101 cm). On location (in 1907) in the southwest part of the building known as the Hypostyle Hall, or Stoa of Poseidon (inv. Ε 12) .

(left column, Latin) P. Sexteilius Pilo son of Lucius, C. Crassicius son of Publius, M. Audius son of Marcus, M. Cottius son of Nemerius, Cn. Tutorius son of Gnaius, N. Stenius son of Marcus, P. Arellius freedman of Quintus,  Ti. Seius freedman of Marcus, N. Tutorius freedman of Gnaius, Q. Nummius freedman of Lucius (of Quintus in Greek), D. Maecius freedman of Lucius, P. Castricius freedman of Publius, magistrates (magistreis) of Mercury, Apollo, and Neptune built and dedicated this to Hercules when Cn. Papeirius and C. Caecilius were consuls.

(right column, Greek) Publius Sextilius son of Lucius, Gaius Crassicius son of Publius, Marcus Audius son of Marcus, Marcus Cottius son of Nemerius, Gnaius Tutorius son of Gnaius, Nemerius Stenius son of Marcus, Publius Arellius freedman of Quintus, Tiberius Seius freedman of Marcus, Nemerius Tutorius freedman of Gnaius, Quintus Nummius freedman of Quintus, Decimus Maecius freedman of Lucius, and Publius Castricius freedman of Publius.  The devotees of Hermes, Apollo and Poseidon built and dedicated this to Herakles.

Translation by: Harland

{left column} P. Sexteilius L. f. Pilo | C. Crassicius P. f. | M. Audius M. f. | M. Cottius N. f. || Cn. Tutorius Cn. f. | N. Stenius M. f. | P. Arellius Q. l. | Ti. Seius M. l. | N. Tutorius Cn. l. || Q. Nummius L. l. | D. Maecius L. l. | P. Castricius P. l. | magistreis Mirquri Apollini{s}. | Neptuni Hercolei coeraverunt || eisde{m} dedicaverunt, Cn. Papeirio | C. Caecilio cos.

{right column} Πόπλιος Σεξτίλιος Λευκίου, | Γάιος Κρασσίκιος Ποπλίου, | Μάαρκος Αὔδιος Μαάρκου, | Μάαρκος Κόττιος Νεμερίου, || Γναῖος Τουτώριος Γναίου, | Νεμέριος Στένιος Μαάρκου, | Πόπλιος Ἀρέλλιος Κοίντου, | Τεβέριος Σήιος Μαάρκου, | Νεμέριος Τουτώριος Γναίου, || Κόιντος Νύμμιος Κοίντου, | Δέκμος Μαίκιος Λευκίου, | Πόπλιος Καστρίκιος Ποπλίου, | οἱ Ἑρμαισταὶ καὶ Ἀπολλωνιασταὶ καὶ Ποσει|δωνιασταὶ Ἡρακλεῖ v ἀνέθηκαν καὶ || καθιέρωσαν.

IDelos 1753: Dedication to Hercules.
Photo © Claire Tuan 2012.

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