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Dedication to Herakles by Members of a Society (ca. 150 CE) Paionia - Macedonia

Paionia (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), ca. 150 CE
IMakedD 284 = Foucart 1873, 243 (no. 68) = AGRW ID# 15381
Copenhagen Inventory info: 497


Rectangular slab broken at the bottom, now in the Skopje Archaeological Museum (98 x 46 x 7 cm).

This is dedicated to the great god Herakles.  Meleagros son of Menandros with the fellow society members (synthiasitai): Makedon son of Makedon, Hermogenes son of Makedon, Gaius son of Meleagros, Gaius Livius, Mamercius Akylas, Mamercius Akylas, and Mamercius Marcus.

Translation by: Ascough and Harland

Ἡρακλῇ θεῷ | μεγίσστιῳ | Μελέαγρος Μενά(ν)δρ[ου] | τοῖς συνθιασίταις || Μακεδὼν Μακεδό[νος] | Ἑρμογένης Μακεδόνος | Γάϊος Μελεάγρου υἱὸς | Γάϊος Λίβιος κ(αὶ) Μαμέρ[κ]ιος | Ἀκύλας κ(αὶ) Μαμέρ[κ]ιος Ἀκύλας || κ[αὶ] Μαμ[έρκιος] Μᾶρκος ΜΟ

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