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Dedication to Dionysos Thrax Involving an Association of Soldiers (II BCE) Thera - Southwestern islands

Thera (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), II BCE
SEG 8, no. 714 = SB V 8209 = PHI 223122 = AGRW ID# 12918
Copenhagen Inventory info: 128


This monument was found at Thebes in Egypt but it involves soldiers on Thera island. Soldiers in the Ptolemaic garrison on Thera formed associations such as the present one, which had its own sacred official.

Attalos son of Charmokles, who served as priest (leitōr) for the second time, and Onesimos son of Aristion, who was commander . . . of the . . . soldiers in Thera dedicated the . . . altar . . . to Dionysos Thrax (“of Thrace”) from their own resources.

Translation by: Harland

[Διονύ]σῳ Θρᾳκίωι Ἄτταλος | [Χαρμ]οκλέους λειτορεύσ[ας] | [τὸ δ]ε<ύ>τερον καὶ Ὀνήσιμος | [Ἀρισ]τίωνος ἀρχεύσας || [τῶν ἐν] <Θ>ή<ρ>αι μ[α]χίμω[ν] | [τὸν βω]μὸν ἐκ τ[ο]ῦ <ἰ>δίου.

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