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Dedication to Concordia for an Association of Gold Workers (II CE) Rome - Latium

Rome (Latium, Italy — Pleiades map), II CE
CIL VI 95 = AGRW ID# 24535


Now in Rome, Museo Vaticani. The names of the crafts combined in one association reveals the specialised character of the precious metal business. The brattiarii specialised in gold leaf decorations, the inauratores in gilding.

To the Concordia of the association (collegium) of gold-foil workers (brattiarii) and gilders (inauratores). Quintus Hordionius Primigenius and Quintus Hordionius Pannychus gave this as a gift from their own funds.

Translation by: Birgit van der Lans

Concordiae | collegi(i) | Brattiariorum | Inauratorum || Q(uintus) Hordionius | Primigenius | Q(uintus) Hordionius | Pannychus | s(ua) p(ecunia) d(ono) d(ederunt).

Rome Dedication of an altar to Concordia for an association of gold workers (photo: Van der Lans)

Dedication of an altar to Concordia for an association of gold workers. From Rome (photo: Van der Lans)

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