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Dedication to Caesar by Businessmen in the Sarapis Sanctuary (I CE) Thessalonike - Macedonia

Thessalonike (Macedonia, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), I CE
IG X,2 33 = RICIS 113/0538 = PHI 137215 = AGRW ID# 23794


Fragment of white marble found in the Sarapis sanctuary in 1920. Now in the Thessaloniki museum (inv. ΜΘ 962). This fragment refers to fellow-businessmen (sympragmateuomenoi) dedicating a monument for Caesar (?) as benefactor.

Too fragmentary to translate.

Translation by: Harland

[․․․ca.10․․․ καὶ οἱ] σ̣υμπραγμ̣α̣[τευόμενοι] | [vac. Ῥ]ωμαῖοι vac. [— — —] | [— — Καίσ]α̣ρ̣ι̣ [vac. ε]ὐεργ̣έ̣[τῃ — —].

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