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Dedication to Augustus by the Augustales (I CE) Herculaneum - Campania

Herculaneum (Campania, Italy — Pleiades map),
AE (1979), no. 169 = AGRW ID# 24786


Marble plaque. This is either a dedication plaque for the building as a whole or for an altar or other structure within the building of the Augustales.

Sacred to Augustus.  Aulus Lucius Proculus and Aulus Lucius Julianus, sons of Aulus from the Menenian voting tribe, have from their own resources provided a feast for the councillors (decurions) and the members of the Augustales at the dedication.

Translation by: Harland

Augusto sacr(um) | AA(uli) Lucii A(uli) filii Men(enia) | Proculus et Iulianus | p(ecunia) s(ua) || dedicatione decurionibus et | Augustalibus cenam dederunt.

AE (1979), no. 169.  From the meeting-place of the Augustales at Herculaneum.Photo by Harland copyright 2017.

AE (1979), no. 169. From the meeting-place of the Augustales at Herculaneum.
Photo by Harland copyright 2017.

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