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Dedication to Herakles or Men by Foreign Contributors (IV BCE) Laureion - Attica

Laureion (Attica, Greece and Macedonia — Pleiades map), IV BCE
IG II² 2940 = Peek, MDAI(A) 67 (1942) 44, no. 57 (alternative reading of lines 1-2) = SEG 42:152 (alternative reading of lines 1-2) = PHI 5197 = AGRW ID# 25352
Copenhagen Inventory info: 311


Dedication damaged in the opening lines. There have been three alternative reconstructions of the deity mentioned in line 1. The majority of the eleven (male) contributors (who may have formed an ongoing association) have foreign names. As Vlassopoulos (2011, 470-71) clarifies, these are likely slaves working in the mines of Laureion and their names suggest origins in Phrygia (Kadous, Manes, Attas), Paphlagonia (Tibeios, Maes), Bithynia (Sangarios) and other less clear locales.

The contributors (eranistai) dedicated this to . . . Men Tyrannos (?) (or: Tyrian Herakles [?]; or: Herakles) . . . for success.  They are Kadous, Manes, Kallias, Attas, Artemidoros, Maes, Sosias, Sangarios, Hermaios, Tibeios, and Hermos.

Translation by: Harland

[Τυ]ράν[νωι Μηνὶ ἀν]έθ[ε]|[σα]ν {[Ἡ]ρακ̣[λεῖ Τυρίωι {θεῶι ⋮?} ἀν]έθ[ε]|σ]α̣ν [Peek]} {[Ἡ]ρακ[λέει μ’ ἀν]έθ[η]|[κα]ν [SEG]} ἐπ’ εὐ̣τ̣υχίαις ἐρα|νισταὶ ∶ οἵδε ∶ Κάδους | Μάνης ∶ Καλλίας ∶ || Ἄττας ∶ Ἀρτεμίδω|ρος ∶ Μάης ∶ Σωσίας ∶ | Σαγγάριος Ἑρμαῖ|ος ∶ Τίβειος ∶ Ἕρμος.

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