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Dedication to Zeus and the Ancestral Gods by a Corporate Body of Boeotians (165-145 BCE) Xois - Delta region

Xois (Delta region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 165-145 BCE
SB II 6664 = SEG 2 (1924), no. 871 = PHI 222879 = AGRW ID# 20516
Copenhagen Inventory info: 187


For further discussion of such politeumata, see Lüderitz 1994.

On behalf of king Ptolemy and Queen Kleopatra, his sister, Philemetores (“Mother-loving”) gods, and their children, this was dedicated to Zeus Basileus (“King”) and to the other ancestral gods by Kaphisodoros son of Kaphisodoros, Boeotian who is chief of the body guard (archisōmatophylax), commander of the Xoitan district, and priest of the corporate body (politeuma); by that man’s sons, Metrophanes and Ptolemaios, the successors (diadochoi) and announcers (eisangelleis); and, by the Boeotians gathered together in Xois and the fellow members of the corporate body (hoi sympoliteumomenoi), whose names are written on this monument (stele), the sanctuary (temenos) and adjacent structures.

Translation by: Harland

ὑ̣π̣ὲρ βασιλέως Πτολεμαίο̣[υ] | καὶ βασιλίσσης Κλεοπάτρας τῆς | ἀδελφῆς θ[ε]ῶν Φιλομητόρων κα[ὶ] | τῶν [τέ]κνων αὐτῶν, Διὶ βασιλεῖ || καὶ [τοῖς] ἄλλοις πα̣τρίοις θεοῖς, | Καφισό̣δωρος Καφισοδώρου | Βοιώτιος ὁ ἀρχισωματοφύλαξ καὶ | στρατη̣γ̣ὸς τοῦ Ξο̣ΐτου καὶ ἱερεὺς τοῦ | πολιτεύματος καὶ οἱ τούτου υἱοὶ || Μητροφάνης κ̣[αὶ Πτ]ολεμαῖος οἱ διάδοχοι | καὶ εἰσαγγελε̣ῖ̣[ς καὶ ο]ἱ̣ ἐ̣πισυνηγμένοι | ἐν Ξόει Βοιωτο̣ὶ̣ [καὶ] ο̣ἱ̣ σ[υμ]πολιτευ|όμενοι, ὧν τὰ ὀνόμ[ατα ἐ]ν τῆι στήληι | ἀναγέγραπται, || τὸ τέμενος καὶ τὰ συγκύρ[οντα].

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