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Dedication on Behalf of Emperor Elagabal by a Company of Dionysiasts (218-222 CE) Histria - Scythia and Moesia

Histria (Scythia and Moesia, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), 218-222 CE
IHistria 99 = SEG 19, no. 477 and SEG 24 (1969), no. 1120 = PHI 172765 = AGRW ID# 14391
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1218


Tablet with handles (tabula ansata) of marble, now in the museum at Histria (inv. 29 A-B; 106 x 30 x 12.5 cm).

To good fortune.  On behalf of the fortune of the lord, emperor Marcus. . . Aurelius Antoninus (?) . . . Augustus Pius Eutychius (i.e. Elagabal), on behalf of Julia. . . Augusta, mother (?) . . . of the camp, on behalf of Valerius Comazon and Julius Flavianus, the greatest prefects of the lord emperor, on behalf of the sacred Senate, on behalf of the sacred campaigns (or: armies), on behalf of Titus Flavius Novius Rufus, the consul managing the province, and on behalf of the Council and the People of the most brilliant city of the Histrians.  The company (speira) of elder (presbyteroi) Dionys0s-devotees (Dionysiastai) who are gathered around the father (patēr), Achilleus son of Achillas, the priest (hiereus), Aurelius Biktor son of Kastos, . . . and the revealer of the sacred objects (hierophantēs) (?). . . Flavius Jucundus, and Falvius Severus, and. . . Name Aristides.

Translation by: Harland

ἀγαθῇ [τύχῃ]. | ὑπὲρ τῆς τοῦ κυρίου Αὐτοκράτορος Μ(άρκου) [Αὐρ(ηλίου) Ἀντωνείνο]υ Σεβαστοῦ | Εὐσεβοῦς Εὐτυχοῦς τύχης καὶ Ἰουλία[ς Σεβαστῆς μητρὸ]ς κάστρων | καὶ τῶν κρατίστων ἐπάρχων τοῦ κυρίο<υ> Α[ὐτοκράτορος] Οὐαλερίου || Κωμάζοντος ∙ καὶ Ἰουλίου Φλαβιανοῦ ∙ κ[αὶ ἱερᾶς συγ]κλήτου ∙ καὶ ἱε|ρῶν στρατευμάτων ∙ καὶ ὑπὲρ τοῦ διέπο[ντος τ]ὴν ἐπαρχείαν ∙ ὑ|πατικοῦ ∙ Τ(ίτου) ∙ Φλ(αουίου) ∙ Νοουίου Ῥούφου καὶ βο[υλῆς] καὶ δήμου τῆς | λαμπροτάτης Ἰστριηνῶν πόλεως ∙ [ἡ] σπεῖρα Διονυσι|αστῶν πρεσβυτέρων ∙ οἱ περὶ πατ[έρα] Ἀχιλλ<έ>α Ἀχιλλᾶ || καὶ ἱερέα ∙ Αὐρ(ήλιον) ∙ Βίκτορα Κάστου [καὶ ἱεροφάν]την ∙ Φλ(άουιον) ∙ Ἰου|κοῦνδον ∙ καὶ Φλ(άουιον) ∙ Σεουῆρον κ[αὶ — — — Ἀ]ριστίδην.

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