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Dedication to Zeus by Romans (88/89 CE) Akmoneia area [Sebaste] - Phrygia

Akmoneia area [Sebaste] (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), 88/89 CE
IPhrygR 474 = PHI 271100 = AGRW ID# 5812


Lines 6-9 are largely damaged (including the potential reference to businessmen), and the text here follows the tentative reconstruction of William Ramsay (IPhrygR 474). Sebaste was southwest of Akmoneia.

To good fortune.  On behalf of emperor Domitian (erased) Caesar Augustus Germanicus’ victory, the Roman People, and the People of the Sebastenians . . . (rest of line missing and following three lines largely reconstructed by Ramsay) . . . the Romans engaged in business (pragmateuomenoi; largely reconstructed) in Sebaste (?) . . . for endurance . . . and salvation (?) . . . dedicated this as a thanksgiving to Zeus.  Marcus Athalius Longinus son of Marcus, . . . of the Aemilia tribe (?) . . . set up the altar from his own resources together with the entire construction and expenditure in the year 173 (of the Sullan era).  Herakleites son of Philippos was supervisor.

Translation by: Harland

[ἀγαθῇ τ]ύχῃ. | [ὑπὲρ τῆς Αὐτ]οκράτορος [〚Δομιτιανοῦ〛] | [Κα]ίσαρος Σεβαστοῦ Γερμ[ανικοῦ] | [ν]είκης, καὶ δήμου Ῥωμ[αίων] || [κ]α̣ὶ δήμου Σεβαστηνῶν [— — —] | [— — —] κα<ὶ τ>ῶν <πρ>[αγμα]|[τευομ(?)]ένων [ἐν Σεβα]στ[ῇ(?)] | [Ῥωμαίων(?)] διαμονῆς [καὶ] | [σωτηρίας(?)] Διὶ <χ>αρ<ι>σστή[ριον] {χαριστήριον} || [Μά]ρκος Ἀθάλιος Μάρκου υἱὸς | [Αἰμιλί(?)]α Λονγεῖνος τὸν βω|[μ]ὸν ἀνέστησε ἐκ τῶν ἰδίων σὺν | [π]άσῃ κατασκευῇ καὶ δαπάνῃ | ἔτους ρογʹ· vac. ἐπιμε||[λησ]αμένου Ἡρακλείτου τοῦ | Φιλίππου.

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