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Dedication of Dorea the Manumitted Slave to Theos Hypsistos (93-123 CE) Gorgippia - Bosporan region

Gorgippia (Bosporan region, Danube and Black Sea areas — Pleiades map), 93-123 CE
IJO I BS 21 = IBosp 1125 = IPontEux II 401 = PHI 183861 = AGRW ID# 8036


Slab of white marble, broken in two pieces down the middle (37 x 29 x 3-4 cm; letter height 2-2.5 cm). Found in the town of Anapa, now in Hermitage museum St. Petersburg. The Greek text here follows IJO I BS 21.

To Theos Hypsistos (“Highest god”), all-powerful, blessed. During the reign of king Tiberius Julius Sauromates, friend of Caesar and friend of the Romans, pious, Teimotheos son of Nymphagoros, son of Makarios, together with his sister Helidos and his wife Nanobalamyros, set free our house-bred slave, Dorea, in accordance with a vow of our father, Nymphagoros son of Makarios. . .

Translation by: Harland

[Θεῷ Ὑ]ψ̣ίστ̣[ῳ παν]|[τοκρά]τ̣ορι εὐλογ̣[η]|τ̣ῷ, βασιλεύοντο[ς] | βασιλέως Τιβερίου {Ἰο} || [Ἰ]ουλίου {λίου} 〚λιου〛 Σαυρομά|του, φιλοκαίσαρος κ{α}ὶ φι|λορωμ{α}ίου, εὐσεβοῦς, | Τειμόθεος Νυμφα|γόρου Μακαρίου σὺν || ἀδελφῆς Ἤλιδος, γυ|ναικὸς Νανοβαλα|μύρου κατὰ εὐχὴν | πατρὸς ἡμῶν Νυμ|φαγόρου Μακαρίου || ἀφείομεν τὴν θρεπ|[τὴν ἡμῶν Δ]ω̣ρέαν | [ἐλευθέραν — — —]

IBosp 1125: Facsimile by Latyšev (IPontEux II 401).
Public domain.


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