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Dedication of an Altar to Dionysos (imperial era) Dorylaion - Phrygia

Dorylaion (Phrygia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), imperial era
Susan Guettel Cole, "Dionysiac Mysteries in Phrygia in the Imperial Period," EA 17 (1991) 43-45 = SEG 41 (1991) no. 1188 = SEG 41 (1991) no. 1188 = PHI 272253 = AGRW ID# 6556


Altar with a relief on each of its four sides, now in the museum at Eskişehir. The front side depicts Dionysos with ivy on his head, a bunch of grapes in his right hand and a staff (thyrsos) in his left hand. The inscription appears on the front to the left of this relief. The right side depicts an ox-head on the molding with a snake below. The rear side depicts a vine branch growing from a vessel. The left side depicts a female figure with a bunch of grapes (see Cole 1991, 43).

Zotikos son of Andreas dedicated this to Dionysos as a vow for the salvation of himself and of the bacchos (i.e. the leader of an association devoted to Bacchos = Dionysos).

Translation by: Harland

Ζω|τικὸς | Ἀνδρ|έου || ὑπὲρ | ἑαυτ|{τ}οῦ {ἑαυτοῦ} | καὶ τ|οῦ Βά[κ]||χου σ|ωτηρίας, | Διονύσῳ | εὐχήν.

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