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Dedication of an Altar to Dionysos Kathegemon by a Company (II CE) Philadelphia - Lydia

Philadelphia (Lydia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), II CE
Jaccottet, vol. 2, no. 114 = Karl Buresch, Aus Lydien: Epigraphisch-geographische Reisefrüchte (Leipzig: B.G. Teubner, 1898) 11-13 (no. 8) + correction to line 4 in ILydiaKP II, p.9 = AGRW ID# 11930


Slab of marble reused as a stair. Philadelphia was founded by Attalid rulers, centered at Pergamon, so it is no surprise to find Dionysos Kathegemon here, as at Pergamon.

Year … 230 (?) … on the 30th … of the month of Panemos (?) … it was the decision of those who wear the sacred garments (?) (katazōsma) to set up an altar for Dionysos Kathegemon.  Eutyches son of Hermogenes I, revealer of the sacred objects (hierophantēs), and Hermippos son of Menekrates I, chief–cowherd (archiboukolos) of the company (speirē = speira), took responsibility … because of Titus … they set it up from their own resources (?) …

Translation by: Harland

ἔτους [σλʹ (?) . .μηνὸς Πα]ǀνήμου λʹ Β[ου]ǀλευσομένου τοῦ ǀ [κατ]αζώσματος βωμ[ὸν] ǀǀ ἀναστῆσαι Καθηγ[ε]ǀμόνι Διονύσῳ [Εὐ]ǀτύχης Ἑρμογένο[υ] ǀ αʹ [ἱ]εροφά[ν]της καὶ Ἕρμ[ιπ]ǀπ̣ος [Μ]ενεκράτου αʹ ǀǀ [ὑ]ός, ἀρχιβούκολος [τῆς] ǀ [σπ]είρης [ὐ]πέσχετο [— —] ǀ [— — —] διὰ Τῖτον ǀ [— — ἀνεστη]σαν ἐξ ἰδǀ[ίων — — —]

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