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Dedication of an Altar to Caesar Augustus by Herodes (ca. 27 BCE) Pergamon - Mysia and the Troad

Pergamon (Mysia and the Troad, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 27 BCE
Wolfgang Radt, "Zwei augusteische Dionysos-altärchen aus Pergamon," in Festschrift für Jale Inan, edited by Inan and Başgelen (Istanbul: Arkeoloji ve Sanat Yayinlari, 1989) 199–209 = SEG 40 (1990), no. 1136 = PHI 317230 = AGRW ID# 8942
Copenhagen Inventory info: 927


Altar with a relief depicting oak branches, the sign of capricorn (Augustus' zodiac sign), and cornucopia. Probably from the Podiensaal or "Hall of Benches".

Herodes, the chief-cowherd (archiboukolos), dedicated this to Caesar Augustus.

Translation by: Harland

Σεβαστῶι Κ̣[αίσαρι] | Ἡρωΐδης ἀρχιβο̣[ύκολος].

SEG 40 (1990), no. 1136.
Photo Ⓒ Holger Schwarzer 2013.

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