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Dedication of an Altar for the Brachyleitian Company (III CE) Erythrai - Ionia

Erythrai (Ionia, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), III CE
IErythrai 222 = J. Keil, "Forschungen in der Erythraia I," JÖAI 13 (1910) 5-80, at 48-49 (no. 13) = PHI 251650 = AGRW ID# 9504
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1765


Altar of veined marble (93 x 62 x 60.5 cm) found in the vicinity of Boja Bagh. In the context of associations, the term "company" (speirē) usually indicates a group devoted to the god Dionysos. This group is likely named after a locale, neighborhood or town called Brachylos (cf. Stephanus of Byzantium, Ethnikōn [VI CE], who refers to a city called βραχύλης whose inhabitants were called βραχυλαῖος in Hispania Terraconensis; cf. Keil 1910, ).

Julius Ephebikos, having made a promise to the company (speirē) of the Brachyleitians, dedicated this speckled (i.e. veined marble) altar.

Translation by: Harland

[Ἰο]ύλιος Ἐφηβικὸς | [ἐ]πανγειλάμενος | [σ]πείρῃ βραχυλει|[τ]ῶν βωμὸν ῥάν||[τι]νον ἀπέθετο.

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