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Dedication of an Altar and Symposium Hall to Zeus Hypsistos (undated) Palmyra - Syria and Phoenicia

Palmyra (Syria and Phoenicia, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), undated
IPalmyra 347 = AGRW ID# 10393


Altar of limestone found east of the city. Another fragmentary dedication to Zeus Hypsistos at Palmyra likewise seems to involve the dedication of a symposium hall (IPalmyra 381). The term symposium was also used of an "association" at Palmyra, so it is possible that this inscription involves an association.

The altar and the banqueting-hall (symposion) were dedicated to Zeus Hypsistos (“Highest”), who listens  . . .

Translation by: Harland

Διὶ ὑψίστῳ κ[αὶ] | ἐπηκόῳ τὸν [βω]|μὸν καὶ τὸ σ[υμ]|πόσιον ἀν[έθη]|κεν [- - -].

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