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Dedication of a Vessel for the Brotherhood’s Gods (50-100 CE) Neapolis - Campania

Neapolis (Campania, Italy — Pleiades map), 50-100 CE
INeapolis 10 (with photo) = IG XIV 722 = CIG 5869 = PHI 177622 = AGRW ID# 22203


Part of a column serving as a base for a vessel (67 x 30 cm diameter). Now in the Museo Correale in Sorrento.

Caedicia Victrix daughter of Marcus dedicated this base for a vessel (skyphos) to the gods of the brotherhood.

Translation by: Harland

Καιδικία Μ(άρκου) | θυγάτηρ Οὐίκτριξ | φρήτορσι θεοῖς | βάσιν | σκύφωι.

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