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Dedication of a Statue of Isis (13 BCE) Philae - Upper Egypt

Philae (Upper Egypt, Egypt — Pleiades map), 13 BCE (September 7)
GRA III 252 = IGR I 1303 = SB V 8676 = PHI 218088 = AGRW ID# 31487
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1250


Fragment of a statue base.

Julius (?) . . . Name (ending in -machos) set up the goddess for the synod (synodos) of Isis in the 18th year of Caesar on the 9th of Thoth.

Translation by: Rebecca Runesson (with modifications)

Ἰούλ[ιος — —]μαρχος ἀνέ|θηκεν συνόδωι Εἰσ|ιακῆι τὴν θεὰν, | (ἔτους) ιηʹ Καίσαρος, || Θωὺθ θʹ.

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