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Dedication of a Statue by the President Ptolemais (early I CE) Alexandria - Delta region

Alexandria (Delta region, Egypt — Pleiades map), early I CE
GRA III 173 = IAlexandriaK 94 = SB I 591 = PHI 227186 = AGRW ID# 31047
Copenhagen Inventory info: 1346


Statue base of black granite (50 x 85 cm). Now in the Graeco-Roman Museum at Alexandria (inv. 19017).

Ptolemaios, who was president (prostatēs) in the 3rd (?) year dedicated this statue on account of his zeal.  Year 4 on the . . .xth of Pharmouthi.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

[Πτ]ολεμαῖο[ς προσ]|[τ]ατήσας τ[ὸ γʹ(?) (ἔτος) ἀν]|έθηκεν φιλ̣[οτιμίας] |χάριν {vac.} || (ἔτους) δʹ, Φαρμ[οῦθι ․․ʹ].

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