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Dedication of a Prayer House by Judeans (245-222 BCE) Arsinoe-Krokodilopolis - Fayum region

Arsinoe-Krokodilopolis (Fayum region, Egypt — Pleiades map), 245-222 BCE
GRA III 186 = IEgJud 117 = SB V 8939 = PHI 215842 = AGRW ID# 31068


Slab of limestone (33 x 26.5 cm) broken at lower right side. According to Trismegistos, last seen in the antiquities trade in Medinet el-Fayum.

For the well being of King Ptolemaios son of Ptolemaios and Queen Bernike his wife and sister and their children, the Judaeans of Krokodilopolis dedicated this prayer house.

Translation by: Kloppenborg

ὑπὲρ βασιλέως | Πτολεμαίου τοῦ̣ | Πτολεμα̣ί̣ο̣υ̣ καὶ | βασιλίσσης || Βερενίκης τῆς | γυναικὸς καὶ | ἀδελφῆς καὶ τῶν | τέκνων οἱ ἐν Κροκ[ο]|δίλων πόλει Ἰου[δαῖ]||οι τὴν προ[σευχήν].

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