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Dedication of a Plaque in Fulfillment of a Vow by Contributors (ca. 113 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), 166-88 CE
IDelos 1800 = PHI 64240 = AGRW ID# 22347
Copenhagen Inventory info: 911


Plaque of white marble (36 x 37 x 7.5 cm). Found in 1905 in the vicinity of the theatre (inv. Α 1035). Theodotos from Sounon (the priest in our inscription) is attested around 113 BCE as priest of the Syrian Pure Goddess (Atargatis), also called Aphrodite (cf. IDelos 2228, 2261, 2285, 2626). It may be that the contributors were devoted to the Syrian goddess as well.

. . . head of the contributors (archieranistēs) (?) and the fellow contributors (syneranistai) set this up in fulfillment of a vow (euchē) when Theodotos son of Diodoros from Sounion was priest (hiereus).

Translation by: Harland

[— — —]ς, ἀρχι|[ερανιστὴ]ς ? καὶ οἱ συ|νε[ραν]ισταὶ ? | ἐφ’ ἱερέως Θεοδό||του [τοῦ Δι]οδώρ[ο]|υ Σου[νι]έως, | κ̣ατ̣’ ε̣ὐ̣χά̣ς̣.

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