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Dedication of a Mosaic to Pure Aphrodite for the Therapeutists (ca. 100 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), ca. 100 BCE
IDelos 2274 = PHI 64720 = AGRW ID# 7370


Mosaic floor in the sanctuary of the Pure Goddess (Atargatis). Pure Aphrodite, also known as the Pure Goddess, was the local name for the Syrian deity Atargatis, whose main temple was in Hierapolis in Syria. The therapeutists are either functionaries in her local temple or an association of "servants" (i.e. devotees) of the goddess. Mikalson (1998, ch. 7) points out that "the large majority of therapeutai were non-Athenians, coming from places such as Antioch, Laodicea, Hierapolis, Rome, Alexandria, Ascalon, Seleucia, Ephesos, and Damascus" .

Phormion son of Nikios, Athenian, dedicated this as a thanksgiving to Pure (Hagne) Aphrodite on behalf of himself, his wife, and his children and on behalf of Philippos the cultic official (archizapphos) and the therapeutists (therapeutai; i.e. devotees or servants of the goddess).

Translation by: Harland

Φορμίων Νικίου | Ἀθηνα̣[ῖο]ς̣ ὑπὲρ | ἑατοῦ [καὶ] τῆς | γυναικ̣ὸ̣[ς κ]αὶ τῶν || τέκνων καὶ̣ ὑ̣π̣ὲρ | Φιλίππου ἀ[ρχι]ζ̣[ά]π|φου [κ]α[ὶ] τῶ[ν] θ̣ε̣[ρα]|πευ̣[τῶ]ν Ἁγνῆι Ἀφ[ρο]|δίτη[ι χ]αριστ̣ή̣ρ̣ι̣ο̣ν̣.

IDelos 2274: Mosaic Dedicated to Pure Aphrodite.
Photo © Claire Tuan 2012.

IDelos 2274: Area around the mosaic.
Photo © Claire Tuan 2012.

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