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Dedication of a Libation Altar by a Society of the God Dushara (70-106 CE) Oboda - Nabatea

Oboda (Nabatea, Greater Syria and the East — Pleiades map), 70-106 CE
Avraham Negev, "Nabatean Inscriptions from ’Avdat (Oboda)," Israel Exploration Journal 13 (1963) 113–124, at 113-117 (no. 10) = AGRW ID# 9549
Copenhagen Inventory info: 603


Libation altar with a Nabatean / Aramaic inscription, found near the town of Oboda (modern ʿAvdat). For further discussion of the marzeah and for bibliography, see, most recently, McLaughlin 2001, 35-64 and Kaizer 2002, 213-260.

This trough (?) . . . was dedicated by Names (?), . . .  sons of . . . Name and his companions (?) . . . , the members of the banqueting-society (marzeah), which is the banqueting-society of Dushara, the god of Gaia, in the 18th year . . . of King Rabbel, king of the Nabateans, who brought life and deliverance to his people.

Translation by: John L. McLaughlin

דנה מדדא [די קרב] . . .טו בני . ה

דה [וחברוהי] בני מרזחא דנא מרזח

(?) דושרא אלה גאיא בשנת יח

אל לרבאל מלכא מלך נבטו די אחיי ושיזב עמה . . .

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