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Dedication of a Clock for Fellow-workers by Thyrsos (undated) Tralles - Caria

Tralles (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), undated
ITrall 162 = Waltzing, no. 171 = M. Pappakonstantinou, Ἁι Τράλλεις ήτοι Συλλογὴ Τραλλιανῶν ἐπιγραφῶν (Athens: M. Pappakonstantinou, 1895) 42 (no. 57), with a sketch in plate 7 = PHI 262866 = AGRW ID# 13187
Copenhagen Inventory info: 851


Slab of marble. The fellow-workers here may be members of an ongoing guild.

Marcus Sitrius Thyrsos dedicated the clock (hōrologion; i.e. water-clock or sun-dial) for the fellow-workers (synergastai) from his own resources.

Translation by: Harland

Μᾶρκος Σίτριος | Θύρσος τὸ ὡρο|λόγιον τοῖς συν|εργα{στα}σταῖς {συνεργασταῖς} ἐκ τῶν || ἰδίων ἀνέθηκεν.

ITrall 162: Facsimile by Pappakonstantinu.
Public domain.


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