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Dedication of a Monument Architrave by Italian Hermaists (?) (after 166 BCE) Delos - Southwestern islands

Delos (Southwestern islands, Aegean Islands — Pleiades map), after 166 BCE
IDelos 1738 = PHI 64178 = AGRW ID# 21369
Copenhagen Inventory info: 890


Fragments of an Ionic architrave of a circular monument. Found in the Agora of the Competaliasts (inv. Ε 254 + Α 1239 αβγ). The names are fully restored based on IDelos 1739. These are likely members of the Italian Hermaists (Hermaistai).

(Latin) L. Veratius son (or: freedman) of Gaius, A. Cerrinius son (or: freedman) of Lucius, P. Audius son (or: freedman) of Manius, C. Volusius son (or: freedman) of Publius, L. Cossutius son (or: freedman) of Marcus, Zenodorus Maecius son (or: freedman) of Quintus.

(Greek: same names)

Translation by: Harland

L. Veraṭ[ius C. f. {l.?}, A. Cerrinius L. f. {l.?}, P. Audius M'. f. {l.?}], | C. Vol[usius P. f. {l.?}, L. Cossutius M. f. {l.?}, Zenodorus Maecius Q. f. {l.?}]. | [Λεύκιος Οὐη]ρ̣άτ[ιος Γαίου, Αὖλος Κ]ερρίν̣[ιος Λευκίου, Πόπλιος Α]ὔ̣διος Μανίου | [Γάιος Οὐολοσήιος Ποπλίου, Λεύκιος] Κ̣οσσ̣[ούτιος Μαάρκου, Ζηνόδ]ωρος Μαίκιος Κοίντου.

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