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Dedication (frag.) of Shrines of Zeus and the Mother with Mention of a Society (Hellenistic or imperial era) Kaunos - Caria

Kaunos (Caria, Asia Minor — Pleiades map), Hellenistic or imperial era
IKaunosM 75 = IKaunosMcCabe 23-22 = PHI 345139 = AGRW ID# 23152
Copenhagen Inventory info: 837


Rock-cut Inscriptions about 50 metres south of the ruins at Kaunos. These inscriptions involve the dedication of temples or shrines (likely within the rock-face itself). The first, which mentions the society-members, indicates that the dedication took place as a result of a dream vision. It may be that the second shrine was likewise connected with a society.

(a) The temple (hieron) of Zeus Xenios (“of Strangers”) has been dedicated.  Agathe. . .  (name of dedicator [?]) . . . society-members (thiasitai) . . . according to a dream.

(b) The temple (hieron) of the Mother has been dedicated . . .

Translation by: Harland

{a} ἱερὸν | Διὸς Ξενίου | ἵδρυται· | Ἀγαθη[․․․]ΑΙ[— — —] || θιασῖτα[ι ․․․․․]Σ[․]ΑΤΩ[․] | οἷς ΠΡ̣[․․]Υ[․]Ι[․ κ]αθ’ ὅραμα. | vac.  

{b} ἱερὸν | [τῆς] Μητρὸς | [ἵδ]ρ[υ]τ̣α̣[ι — —] | [— — —]

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[του υἱοῦ Καπίτωνος, στεφανηφόρου Βασιλέως]

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